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Allwave Corporation is a leading scientific company specializing in antenna testing, wave propagation, and wireless communication. From 1996 until September of 2007, Allwave was known as Antcom Corporation. Its antenna production division was then sold to Novatel, Inc. As of September 18, 2007, Allwave has assumed all of Antcom’s previous business activities, except for the antenna production sector. Allwave is committed to continue providing to industry its cutting edge technologies in a wide spectrum of electromagnetic wave propagation. The company consists of Hardware Products, Software Products, and Services, as follows:

A. Hardware Products
    a) Antenna near-field and far-field test systems. In addition to antenna pattern and
        parameter measurements, the systems also provide features including antenna
        diagnosis and near region wave propagation determination.
    b) Microwave photography systems, which take pictures of microwaves, instead of
        objects images.
    c) Radar cross section test systems, which measure RCS and also generate ISAR.
    d) Time domain test systems, which make it possible to measure antennas in an
        absorber-free environment.

B. Software Products
    a) Mathhub: powerful plotting software and mathematical tool.
    b) Plothub: user-friendly and powerful plotting software.
    c) MathCal: calculator software with powerful mathematical tools.
    d) Maphub: map maker software with more than 100 projection methods.

C. Services
    a) Antenna testing, which includes near-field and direct far-field measurements.
    b) Antenna diagnosis and optimization.
    c) Wave propagation detection and determination.
    d) Radar cross section (RCS) and Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) testing
    e) Consulting services for antenna and microwave systems