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Software Release Announcement

Allwave is pleased to announce the release of a new software product, Electromagnetic Holography. This software package provides exact, closed-form solutions to electromagnetic holography problems based on planar, spherical, or cylindrical near-field data. It can also serve as a powerful simulation tool for both analytic and measured data. Users from a broad spectrum of scientific communities will find meaningful overlap across a wide range of applications, such as microwave holography/imaging, near zone field reconstruction and 3D visualization, antenna diagnosis/synthesis/design, ISAR, and EM wave propagation in general.


Features of Software Package:

  • Takes a set of near-field data to the next level
    In addition to far-field patterns, one also obtains fields in the near zone exactly.
  • Microwave Photography
    A single slice of near-field data will turn into a 3D visualization of electromagnetic waves, via exact solutions. It is like taking a snapshot of microwaves.
  • Antenna Aperture Diagnosis and Synthesis
    It determines the fields in the source region exactly, which is a very useful tool for antenna surface or feed element diagnostics, as well as synthesis/design.
  • Microwave Imaging
    It provides a powerful tool for microwave imaging using just a single frequency.
  • ISAR
    Instead of wide-band requirements, it determines the geometry of aircraft based on one slice of near-field data, using one single frequency.
  • Wave Diffraction Phenomena
    It obtains diffraction fields around objects from a given slice of near-field data.